Original Music

Soundcloud lets you post your original music

Social media websites have become a special platform for the launch of various talents in the world. This is the reason that there have emerged different kinds of social media websites that cater to the people of different interests. One such social media platform is soundcloud that is designed to cater to the needs of the music lovers.

How does it work?

The website allows you to post the track that you have created and then allows the others to listen to your track.  As soon as anyone listens to your track it is displayed on your page as soundcloud plays.


Why is number of play important?

The soundcoud plays depict the popularity of the music that is uploaded. Many people want their track to garner maximum plays because that gives their track a boost and makes it more popular. For this they can even buy soundcloud plays. This is a great way of increasing the plays quickly and making your track look special and more popular.